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Spiral LIGHT Compression Socks (Blue) Men - Size XL

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  1. Air Cushion Design: Protect heels and boost active performance, relieve fatigue and stress, prevent friction and blisters. 
  2. Anti-gravity spiral insoles: To support feet against the effects of gravity and reduces the stress.
  3. Compression cushion: Use the compression effect to adjust the protection to achieve the special experience of foot support and compression. 
  4. Elastic cuff:
    The elastic cuff provides long-lasting durability and ensures the socks do not loosen.
  5. Reverse Airflow Design: Comprehensive reverse airflow and mesh weave helps to strengthen the ventilation ability and improve moisture absorption and provides better circulation effect
  6. Ventilation Mesh Weave:
    Enhance circulation and breathability, mesh weave improved airflow, reduces stuffiness and keep feet from getting hot and humid.
  7. Reinforced toe seam:
    Professionally reinforced toe seam for extra comfort and ultra-durable.

    L 24-27 cm XL 26-29 cm

    Footer Anti-gravity Arch Support is changing everyone's view of sports socks. Comfortable, breathable material with precise construction keeps your feet dry and cozy all the time, even when spending long times outdoors. They also effectively reduce arch fatigue. The strong support boosts sports performance and prevents plantar fasciitis.


    Anti-bacterial cotton 75% functional fiber 25%