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LOGICO Piccolo set (8 books) with frame

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8 LOGICO Piccolo titles and 1 LOGICO Piccolo frame for young school-aged children (from 5 to 9). This package is a good choice to schools to teach with LOGICO on different levels to learn maths, geometry and have fun with problem-solving. Or families who like to have a wide choice of learning cards.

Titles of the 8 booksets of learning cards:

School Readiness - Look and think (5+)
Mathematics Problem solving - Picture puzzles (6+)
Language - Ready for reading (6+)
Language - Picture stories (6+)
Math Paths 1 - Addition and subtraction up to 20 (6+)
Math Paths 2 - Addition and subtraction up to 20 (6+)
Geometry 1 (6+)
Geometry 2 (7+)

LOGICO is a European educational game for children. Learning though play is fun!