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Lao Xie Zhen Traditional Essence of Chicken with Ginger 14 pouches 老協珍熬雞精暖薑口味 14入禮盒 (Mid-May Preorder)

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Ingredients: Essence of Chicken, Pork, Dry Ginger
Storage: Store at room temperature
Shelf Life: 18 months
Made in Taiwan

42ml per pouch/ 14 pouches per pack


-Steamer Method
1. Open pouch
2. Pour contents into a heat-safe container
3. Heat in a digital cooker or food steamer for 5 minutes

-Hot Water Method
1. Place sealed pouch in hot water
2. Remove pouch from the water after 3 minutes
3. Open pouch, pour and serve

Best served warm. This product does not contain any preservatives.
Please heat it according to the chart, do not leave the pouch in boiling water to avoid expansion and breakage.
Recommended Usage: 1 pouch a day, preferably before breakfast on empty stomach.

- Please do not drink the product if the pouch is visibly damaged or noticeable odour
- Patients with gout, hypertension and chronic kidney disease should consult their doctor before drinking
- Not suitable for children under 2 years of age

*This product has been insured with product liability insurance and has been produced in accordance with ISO 22000 & HACCP certification.