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◆ 吃點心就可以補充蛋白質,適合全家人享用
◆ 獨家技術,從稻米中萃取「純素」蛋白質
◆ 100%植物性來源,無動物性乳源疑慮,也沒有豆類基改問題
◆ 臺灣原料+在地生產,大幅減少食物里程,環保愛地球
◆ 生產過程中,無添加任何化學食品添加物


Product name:Rice Protein Energy Cookie - Sesame Flavor

Ingredients:Flour, Non-hydrogenated palm oil, Sesames powder, Sucrose, Egg,Sesame kernels,Potato starch, Rice protein powder, Salt

Net weight:100g

Shelf life: One year

(Means the unopened and stored under normal conditions)

Made in Taiwan



Allergen Tips:

This product contains sesames, egg products, cereals containinggluten and products, that is an allergen to some people.

This product made on equipment that also processes mangos,peanuts, dairy products, soybean products, nut seed products thereof.

Please read the ingredients label carefully before purchase.