MONZU 滿足 拖鞋

Introducing the MONZU Q-Bouncing Soft Candy Indoor Slippers from the renowned Taiwan-based brand, Leden International Technology Corporation. Founded in 2013 with the belief of "Your Satisfaction, Our Contentment," Leden combines 30 years of mold manufacturing expertise, product design, and efficient production lines to create the MONZU brand.

The Indoor Slippers are made of the latest eco-friendly EVA material, which is lightweight, anti-slip, and has excellent shock absorption properties. The slippers are designed to be zero-burden, with a featherweight, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. The soles are also anti-slip, which enhances safety while walking, and the seamless one-piece molding adds to their durability, allowing them to withstand over 22,500 flexes. Additionally, they are easy to clean, with a warming effect that provides extra warmth to your feet during autumn and winter.

Made in Taiwan

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MONZU EVA Slipper (Made in Taiwan) 台灣制造EVA洞洞鞋

MONZU EVA Slipper (Made in Taiwan) 台灣制造EVA洞洞鞋

顏色/尺寸: •    EVA 材質 •    防水、抗菌、防臭耐洗 •    具避震功能,質量輕盈 •    晴雨兩用、隨穿隨走的,材質以輕巧防水的 EVA材質,擁有易穿脫、好清潔的特性。 •    不論是日常休閒穿搭、假日的輕旅行都是你鞋櫃不可或缺的鞋履。 •    台灣製造的材質更是信心的保證。 白色: 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 黑色: 36 37 38 39...
MONZU Kids EVA Sandal  兒童洞洞鞋

MONZU Kids EVA Sandal 兒童洞洞鞋

★超輕量EVA,一體成形,好清洗。 ★Q彈柔軟,好走好跑 ★無臭無味,親子可搭 ★台灣製造,品質保證 顏色: 粉、白、武士藍(深藍)、寶藍 (共四色) 請依腳長公分數來選擇尺寸~ 16號:適穿腳長 15.5~16 cm 17號:適穿腳長 16.1~17 cm 18號:適穿腳長 17.1~18 cm 19號:適穿腳長 18.1~19 cm 20號:適穿腳長 19.1~20 cm 21號:適穿腳長 20.1~21 cm 此產品不印LOGO,附上原廠吊卡,用透明袋子包裝。 叮嚀:若擔心小朋友穿不下,最終建議,請選大一號。 因照片拍照可能有色差問題。