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Miniware Little Foodie  天然聚乳酸小食客六入組

Miniware Little Foodie 天然聚乳酸小食客六入組

麥片碗:寬口徑、內壁略帶直角設計,適合初學習自主進食的寶寶舀取各種食物 矽膠碗蓋:居家保存冷藏、外出用餐攜帶的小幫手 麵包盤:寬闊盤面適合裝面積大的食物與方便寶貝抓取 防滑吸盤:可拆脫式,超強吸力輔助寶寶學習吃飯不打翻 愛喝水水杯組:一杯多用,可依寶寶需求隨時調整配件 My First叉匙組:為長牙寶寶設計的專屬餐具 美國FDA及德國LFGB安心認證 100%天然無毒,不含PVC及BPA 可拆脫防滑吸盤,輔助幼兒學習吃飯 內壁略帶直角設計,方便寶寶挖取食物 可完美堆疊,省空間好收納 新生兒送禮首選明星組合,符合不同成長階段需求 Introducing little foodie, the perfect all-in-one gift and starter set. This complete Miniware combo set provides the...
grip cup  (9 colours)

grip cup (9 colours)

Keeping up with growing munchkins can be a challenge. Our ergonomically designed silicone Grip Cup is the perfect companion to evolve with your little ones as they progress from bottle...
VIIDA Joy rainbow Silicone Straw set

VIIDA Joy rainbow Silicone Straw set

Your kids can enjoy all the fun of drinking, sipping or slurping through a straw, without having to use or dispose of nasty single-use plastics, or soggy paper versions. Joy...
sippie lid (+ mini straw) (9 colours)

sippie lid (+ mini straw) (9 colours)

Constantly crying over spilled milk? Sick of sippy bottles that are harder to keep clean than your oven? Looking at a toddler who’s not quite ready to master a drink...
Cuitisan Infant Cup 300ml

Cuitisan Infant Cup 300ml

Dual separable structure – For better washing also can be used 2 containers The polypropylene used on the outside reduces the heat from hot food inside  Free of EDCs (Endocrine...