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Duotone Baby Cushion Socks - Purple - XS (8-12cm)

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SIZE:  XS (8-12cm)


  1. Air Cushion Design: Protect heels and boost active performance, relieve fatigue and stress, prevent friction and blisters.
  2. Elastic cuff: The elastic cuff provides long-lasting durability and ensures the socks do not loosen. 
  3. Reverse Airflow Design: Comprehensive reverse airflow and mesh weave helps to strengthen the ventilation ability and improve moisture absorption and provides better circulation effect 
  4. Ventilation Mesh Weave: Enhance circulation and breathability, mesh weave improved airflow, reduces stuffiness and keep feet from getting hot and humid 
  5. Reinforced toe seam: Professionally reinforced toe seam for extra comfort and ultra-durable