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Bambino Pikler

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My Happy Helpers Bambino Pikler is specifically designed for your littlest babes. With slimmer rungs, a lower height and a flatter base, your baby will be able to safely grasp the rungs as they learn to pull themselves up and ‘cruise’ around. 

The use of a Pikler Triangle from a young age supports gross motor development by providing challenges for spatial awareness. Piklers empower our babes to do as much as they can for themselves, while being supported and guided by those that love them. 

This option is suitable for vegans, or those wanting to stain or paint themselves. 

Are you interested in further developing your child’s Gross Motor Skills? Look no further, we have a full range to keep your little ones entertained for years to come.


Made from Premium Birch Wood.  Please note, the colour may vary between our ranges.  Being a natural resource we can not control the colour and believe the unique colours add to the interest of the individual pieces.

Hardwood Dowels.

Independently weight limited tested to hold 40KG.

Independently Tested against AU/NZ safety standards.

Australian Designed.

Weight Limit Tested to safely hold 40kgs.

Please be aware that this item can not be connected to our Scramble Nets. All other ramps are suitable 


Can be used from birth and utilised as a play gym simply by attaching baby gym toys to the rungs.


Size: 48cm x 48cm x 48cm

20mm hardwood rungs.

Recommended Age: 0+ Months - 48 Months

Please note, our picklers are NOT a toy. When using any of our Pikler Products, an Adult must be actively supervising at all times.