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Air Gravity Trunks (Blue)

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  • Footer Air Gravity Trunks use of top antibacterial cotton can effectively inhibit growing bacteria. Amazing breathability to reduce sweat and achieve dryness and comfort. 

    The front three-dimensional design reduces the sense of pressure and friction, fits tight and snug, and focuses on stable support to get rid of the annoying feeling of restraint, and accompany you to do whatever you want, whether moving or static.


    Waist (inch)/ Hip (inch)/ Height (cm)

    M 27-31/ 33-36/ 160-170

    L 30-34 / 35-38/ 168-180

    XL 33-37/ 40-43/ 176-186

    2XL 36-40/ 42-45/ 180-192

  • Features

    1. Double protective pouch
    Open double-sided functional fly design with double layer breathable antibacterial cotton to protect your private areas.

    2. 3-Dimensional tailoring
    Exclusive three-dimensional space design by using top-grade antibacterial cotton improves freshness.

    3. Double-edge seam
    Double-edge seam fitted with generous stretch to stay fitted to thighs without the edge rolling during movement.

    4. Memory elastic waistband
    2.8cm wide waistband provides superior memory stretch and durable, firmly support. Comfort without tightness.

    5. Silky flat stitch
    Silky flat stitch on soft, smooth fabric reduces discomfort caused by stitches and joins.

    6. Zero-friction whole-length design
    Seamless waist and leg design to prevent skin friction during activity.