About Bona

“We try, We love, We share”

Bona is created by two Mums wanting to bring what’s best for families and kids. We understand looking after kids and taking care of family can be a bit of work. Therefore, we want to make sure when you come to this site, you are not wasting your time, and can find exactly what you need for your family.



There are thousands of products on the internet and who has the time to go through them all?
We want to do the work for you. We will continuously update our blog and Facebook page with products that we review and always give our honest feedback.


The products that we provide in Bona, are things that we LOVE and we know it will be useful for your families and kids. Reviewing is our first step, and anything we love we will source and make it available for you to buy.


We always ensure our products meet Australian Safety Standards. We want to make sure the products you receive are safe, fun and of great quality for your family!


Our Kid’s toys are Educational, Creative and Fun  

Kids at different stages, have different needs. We have an early childhood teacher, and a mum who is passionate about the Montessori approach. We want to provide not just any toys for your children, but toys that will help them learn and develop through play.